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Screen Scraping

100% accuracy. Works with desktop and web apps.



GUI Automation

Fine-grain identification of UI elements. Full featured automation stack.



User events

Handle mouse clicks and keystrokes on UI elements.



Automation modeling

Visually design the automation then convert it to code.




Full featured library for .Net or COM aware languages.



Rock solid

Proven technology used on millions of computers.


Works everywhere


works everywhere

There are so many technologies available to create user interfaces on Windows desktop. From the old DOS console apps, the Win32 and FoxPro apps of the 90s, Java and .Net Winforms apps of early 2000 to modern WPF apps today. Add in the mix the web apps, all the different browsers - IE, FireFox and Chrome, Flash and Silverlight web technologies. Do not forget the enterprise apps, the likes of SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft. And not the least the good old mainframe with the green screen and terminal emulators. Did I mention that all these apps can be published via Citrix/VDI?

How about a library that gives you intimate access to the elements that makes up the graphical interface of applications irrespective of the technology used to build it?

Bring credibility back to screen scraping


Bring credibility back to screen scraping

Screen scraping is in our genes, and we are proud to have created the world’s best screen-scraping library. UiPath began 9 years ago with a single feature that allowed very fast and 100% accurate text capture from win32 apps, and we have continuously evolved this heritage, extending its scope to new technologies. We got you covered with the industry most comprehensive set of options to control how you drive UI of other apps.

Just have a look at what a real customer says:

"UiPath long ago became our most important screen scrape engine and has actually let my company bring respectability for screen scrapers back to our industry. My competitor had trashed the screen scraper reputation with its junky screen OCR tactics."

It’s like jQuery that works for all UI frameworks


UiPath is designed from the ground up to be easily integrated into applications that wishes to add software automation to its capabilities.

The paradigm to work with UI elements is simple and consistent regardless of the technology behind a particular element. You attach to the live element using a “selector” then you manipulate the element.

The UiPath API can be used from a wide variety of languages: C++, VB6, C#, VB.Net, and Delphi are just a few of them. While we provide dedicated .Net assemblies for the smoothest experience with the latest dev tools, we also respect your investment and always preserve backwards compatibility.

A hyper productive IDE


A hyper productive IDE

SDKs come usually with just a few examples and you are left alone in the wood. UiPath Studio gives you a full featured IDE where you can visually design an automation with a drag and drop editor. Hundreds of predefined automation blocks are available.

The Recorder is a productivity tool that let’s you capture the steps of a manual task. During recording your actions on the screen are observed and translated into logical steps in a workflow. For example you can record a whole sequence like logging in to, doing a search and generating a report in two minutes in one recording session.

The workflow built visually can be invoked directly from your app or you can use the translate workflow to code feature that translates an workflow to the corresponding c# or js code.

Unlimited redistributable runtime available


Unlimited redistributable runtime available

Deploying your automation to a large user base?

You can purchase the unlimited redistributable runtime that simply allows you to deploy on any PC you feel like, without the fear that your customers will see a 'license expired' dialog. Restrictions apply. Check the licensing agreement.


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