Web Scraping software that works everywhere

Reliable web data extraction

Web Scraping at a glance

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Works everywhere

It provides 100% accurate web scraping: HTML, XML, AJAX, Java applets, Flash, Silverlight, and PDFs.

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No programming

No programming is needed for drag-and-drop warriors, but ultimate flexibility is preserved for .NET hackers.

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Concurrent execution

You can execute many data extractions in parallel for a high performance by scraping multiple sites at once.

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Export to Excel/CSV/Database

The output of the data extraction activity is a .NET DataTable object, which you can simply push into an Excel file or a table on a database.

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Fixed price

The UiPath Desktop solution has a fixed price, regardless of the data size.

Web Automation

This is available to automate web login, navigation, and form filling.

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Wizard to define
data extraction

Using the simple wizard requires no coding or HTML understanding. You simply indicate what data you need to extract on the screen, and we do the rest to recognize similar data.

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Table-based or
pattern-based data

Our algorithm will correctly identify correlated data, regardless of whether the data is in a table or scattered across a web page. For example, you can retrieve product names, prices, and availabilities from our extraction.

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Data transformation and
deduplication with LINQ

LINQ gives you the power of SQL with in-memory table structures. You can sort, eliminate duplicates, and more generally perform whatever transformation is needed on the data.