New Program Launch: UiPath Community Mentorship

UiPath Community Mentorship

If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.

J Loren Norris

During these times when working from home is the norm in many places, rather than the exception, contact with peers and experts at the job has decreased significantly. But this does not mean that our need for support and collaboration has decreased as well. Having a person we like and respect in our corner to support us can help in making work life easier to manage. 

The need for mentorship in our work life

Overall, research shows that although 76% of professionals believe that mentors are important for career growth, around 54% of respondents do not have a mentor.

Now more than ever, contribution, building strong bonds, nurturing, openness, and learning play a great role in the UiPath Community. Robotic process automation (RPA) activity is expanding, companies are hiring, and most RPA professionals think they are in an important, impactful industry. The 2020 State of the RPA Developer Report shows us that nine out of 10 participants say the RPA industry will expand significantly over the next five years, and 70% say their own organization will hire more developers in the next year.

While there are many ways to build your RPA skills—from online courses, documentation, video tutorials, online forums, webinars, blogs, and events—one process that helps build trust and collaboration is mentorship. 

With this in mind, we launch a new program, carefully crafted for you: UiPath Community Mentorship.

We have put a great deal of passion into building this program because we believe learning and growth are important pillars in any career. We admire the openness of our community members as well as their appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences and we want to put all these to good use. 

The UiPath Community Mentorship Program intertwines learning, trust, and contribution in a space where mentors and mentees meet and start their own learning journey.

You can be a mentor if you:

  • Are passionate about UiPath Have at least three years experience in development and implementation of RPA

  • Have business ethics, a constructive mindset, and the ability and desire to help others grow 

Why? Being a mentor allows you to:

  • Give back to the community

  • Enhance leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Challenge yourself by working on issues outside your day-to-day experience

  • Discover fresh perspectives that may assist with your own work

Join us as mentor!

You can be a mentee if you:

  • Are passionate about UiPath

  • Have finished the RPA Developer Foundation course on Academy

  • Have a practical project where you can apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge

  • Have business ethics, a continuous learner mindset, and a desire to grow 

Why? Having a mentor gives you the chance to:

  • Get direction, tips, advice, suggestions, motivation, and support from highly experienced RPA industry leaders

  • Practice on real-world assignments, ask questions, and understand a problem-solving approach

  • Explore issues and concerns in a confidential and supportive relationship

  • Learn from the real-life experiences of others

Join us as mentee!

We have partnered with PushFar to offer you the best software, trusted by more than 40,000 mentoring individuals, to support and ease your way in the mentorship journey. 

Grow your RPA skills with the UiPath Community Mentorship Program

The need for RPA professionals in the market is growing at an accelerated pace and while companies should invest in retaining RPA developers, this is just a part of the reality.

Keeping yourself up to date with news and best practices in automation increases job satisfaction as well as all the benefits for us as professionals, and it can help position you as change makers and leaders in the field.

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Andreea Tomescu

Regional Community Manager, UiPath