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The Story

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay and shape the times to come. Channeling its potential with innovative technology and unique programs, UiPath is constantly forging the future of work and education, driving change across all layers of society. A transformation this disruptive comes with great responsibility towards future generations.

Tomorrow may look uncertain, because change, in its accelerated pace, is very likely to leave vulnerable groups behind, especially those who are faced with multiple life challenges: children.

With limited, sometimes non-existent opportunities, children living in poverty will have a difficult time finding their place in the world of tomorrow. Add this to the lack of quality education, particularly in terms of digital-era skills, and these children risk becoming adults who may not be able to successfully navigate the complex requirements of our future societies.

We aim to change the status quo.

The UiPath Foundation Goal

The Goal

The UiPath Foundation is on a global mission of nurturing the tremendous potential of children coming from underprivileged families.

We aim to shift a reality of inequalities to a world of opportunities, through co-designed educational solutions, focusing on giving children living in poverty the skills and tools to reach their highest potential.

The Values

  • Humbleness

    From Poor to Powerful

    We empower children from underprivileged communities to develop the proper skills and own their path to the future.

  • Equality of Respect

    From Apathy to Autonomy

    We create collaborative ecosystems around children living in poverty, which in turn enable their communities to take action towards meaningful change.

  • Intellectual Curiosity

    From Trap to Talent

    We make sure talent is not trapped by poverty, and we provide free access to innovative support mechanisms.

  • Social Responsibility

    From Help to Hope

    We nurture the leadership potential of children living in poverty and encourage them to become agents of change within their communities and long-term role models.

Enabling potential

A child born in the world today, given the current circumstances, will only reach 50% of his or her potential by age 18.

How can WE change this?

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