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Get robots on the job and auto pilot your tasks

Free, fully featured and extensible.
A tool that works for you.

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The way we work is changing. RPA is becoming the heart of every company's digital operation. The sooner we enable everyone to experience it, the faster we all get to master it to our benefit.
With UiPath Community, we encourage individual developers, education and training entities, as well as small business teams, to benefit from UiPath's capabilities.

Automate anything

Any kind of web or desktop applications can be part of your own ecosystem of automated tasks. There are virtually no limits to what you can accomplish with our tool. It is open and extensible and it deserves recognition for being the most intuitive and the most accurate by all industry standards.
Working with UiPath feels natural. The process modeling tool is highly visual and packed with an extensive gallery of wizards, templates and pre-built actions that you can play and work with. We make it simple, UiPath has a built-in recorder that will help get you started and ease your way into the automation.
For our robots, it’s monkey see, monkey do, really! Just click, select and type anything on the screen and UiPath will capture every mouse and keyboard action and translate them into logical steps inside a visual workflow.

UiPath drives the user interface like a human

Imagine it, do it
That simple

At UiPath we believe in constant evolution. By providing tools and fuel to spark newer, better ways to do things. Discover the UiPath Community Forum where you can share your knowledge and learn from others’. We host an ever growing number of developers and automation aficionados, who bring their ideas and practices together. 
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Since UiPath Community is completely free, we cannot offer phone or e-mail/ticketing support for it. But be sure to browse through all our Resources which will accompany you in this journey.

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