Forward-looking RPA at the Robotic Process Automation Congress in Orlando, FL, USA, January 24th - 25th, 2017

23 January 2017

Is RPA a durable, future proof technology? Will it shape shift into other forms on the route to becoming more? And what’s ‘cognitive’ and ‘AI’ got to do with it? Finally, how can I make sure I’m doing the smart thing with intelligent automation for my company?

Meet Guy Kirkwood, COO of UiPath, on the second day of the Robotic Process Automation Congress in Orlando, Wednesday, January 25th, at precisely 9:30am, for a focused discussion on ‘The Current and Future States of RPA’.

The event will have all the industry leader present, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Details here.

From the organisers:

Content at the congress will include panel discussions and keynote talks from enterprise GBS leaders, RPA directors, managers of RPA Centers of Excellence as well as Global heads of digital transformation from leading providers with client experience, global process owners and shared services professionals.

Headline content includes:

  • Tool Selection and Evaluation: What is the right RPA tool for back office processes and why?
  • How to effectively implement RPA within your organization and the truth about attrition
  • Centres of Excellence, robot governance and designing the start-stop phase
  • Maximizing the ROI once you’ve implemented RPA – the first 24 months
  • The Pros & Cons of In-House versus Outsourced RPA
  • RPA as an Opportunity for Companies that have resisted BPO trends.


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by Mina Deckard

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