UiPath to present at the RPA World Series Webinar, September 9, 10:30 AM EST

30 August 2016

One of the most thought provoking topics on automation right now is the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to the already advanced capabilities of RPA to handle complex tasks.

AI means many things to many people; so where does RPA fit in and why is it important to have both a brain and a body? Is Intelligent Automation the “new normal” for RPA endeavors? Who is already implementing it? And how do you identify and assess Intelligent AI-enabled RPA products tailored to your automation needs?

To learn this and more, meet Guy Kirkwood, UiPath’s COO in a dedicated webinar session on September 9, 10:30 AM EST where he will make a thorough diagnosis of this new and exciting body of tools: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation.

Don’t miss out, register now for the RPA World Series Webinar, it is completely free and it promises to change your game!

More about the event and the complete list of speakers here.


by Mina Deckard

TOPICS: events

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