Automation Summit Copenhagen

The UiPath Automation Summit Copenhagen agenda is designed for you to gain practical knowledge, inspiring insights, and have time for valuable networking.

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May 25, 2023


Registration and coffee



A warm welcome and launch of our Automation Summit agenda by Maria Tennare, AVP of Nordics, followed by an introduction to our host of the day Nikolaj Sonne.

Maria Tennare
AVP Enterprise Sales, UiPath

Nikolaj Sonne
Journalist / Moderator



As technology improves, and adoption increases, automation does not just change the way people work—it changes the very work that we are capable of doing. The real question is how organizations adapt. This session offers a perspective on today’s automation by collecting multiple sources of information and insights into 7 key trends shaping automation today and tomorrow.

Chris Forrest
AVP Strategic Engagement, UiPath

Eugene Wyniawskyj
Consulting Senior Director, UiPath


Københavns Kommune and Carve

The number of citizens in Copenhagen Municipality is predicted to grow quite drastically over the next couple of years. That, bundled with a continuous need to save costs and maintain a high service level, has led them to focus big on UiPath. Hear from Carve and Copenhagen Municipality how they're successfully scaling automation.

Rasmus Lund Stisager
Development and Technology Manager, Copenhagen Municipality


Break for coffee and exhibition



Many customers ask, "How do we stay in control when deploying citizen developers?". Coop has been rolling out citizen development and will share key insights about what's important to maintain governance and reduce manual work for central functions.

Anders Dvinge
Head of integration & RPA, Coop

Nicolai Hjorting Krüger
RPA Arkitekt, Coop



In this session, we will hear from the experts at Tryg Insurance about their journey towards a fully automated enterprise and the benefits it has brought to their customers. We will discuss the challenges they faced along the way and share best practices with other companies looking to follow in their footsteps. Join us as we explore the exciting future of insurance and the role of automation in re-shaping it.

Benjamin Alex
Business Efficiency and Transformation Lead, Tryg

Oliver Asbæk
Interim RPA lead, Tryg



Automation is a must, but what do you do when manual process discovery is simply not keeping pace with ambitions? Instead of slowing down, MAN Energy decided to look at other methods for discovering automation potential and turned to UiPath Process Mining. Hear Damian Solecki's take on the potential and next steps for automated process discovery at MAN.

Damian Solecki
Product Owner, MAN Energy Solutions


Nic. Christiansen Group

One common challenge is that end users of automation often struggle to provide the proper input to robots. This can result in the email template getting lost and the RPA team being interrupted constantly.
To tackle this issue, Nic Christiansen created a self-service app. Follow along as Steffen explains how UiPath Apps has created benefits for his team and the end users of automation.

Steffen Juhl Christensen
RPA Development Specialist, Nic. Christiansen Group


Break for lunch and exhibition



Within a short time, Sydbank has experienced tremendous automation benefits. One of the main reasons is that Sydbank built a transformational and strategic automation initiative. Mikkel Kristiansen will take us through their journey of rethinking robotic process automation and utilizing Business Automation as a driver for Digital Transformation.

Mikkel Kristiansen
Head of Transformation Office, Sydbank


Novo Nordisk

From Manual to Magical: Showcasing two inspiring use cases where we dive into the possibilities of combining RPA with Machine Learning, as well as the potential benefits of using RPA in manufacturing to enhance operational effectiveness.

Jesper Bo Bjørn
Product Manager, Automation & Immersive Technologies, Novo Nordisk


Region Midtjylland

Our healthcare in Denmark is currently under an immense pressure. Not only the patient and the quality of work is impacted, but also the healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses. There is constant pressure to get more work done in less time, while still maintaining the high quality. This seems like an impossible task, but Region Midtjylland has taken up the challenge by building education into automated clinical workflows.
Overlæge Michael Nielsen from Region Midtjylland will explain the concept behind rethinking the way doctors and nurses work and the benefits of allowing innovation from the end users of automation.

Michael Nielsen
Senior Resident Doctor, Skejby


Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, we will explore the strategies and tactics that can help organizations scale automation successfully. Our panelists, who have successfully implemented automation initiatives in their organizations, will discuss their insights and best practices on how to build effective governance frameworks and secure executive buy-in.

Mikkel Kristiansen
Head of Transformation Office, Sydbank

Rasmus Lund Stisager
Development and Technology Manager, Copenhagen Municipality

Kasper Lynge Jacobsen
Senior Director, Head of Data, Falck


Break for coffee and exhibition



National Pharmacy Service, Apoteksverkið (Apoteket) are handling all medication for local pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors for the Faroes. They struggled when the time came around to update and patch core applications. Instead of sticking to manual tests, or simply hoping that the patch works, Apoteksverkið created an initiative for test automation. In this session, you’ll learn how they’ve test automation and what benefits it’s brought to the business.

Richard Schwartson
CIO at National Pharmacy Service, Apoteksverkið



Listen to the interesting story about how Falck have implemented RPA and automation as part of their strategic investment in the future. Not only that, Kasper also shares the impressive statistic that Falck has experienced an impressively high ROI on their robots! This underlines the strategic importance that automation and RPA have in Falck's future plans.

Kasper Lynge Jacobsen,
Senior Director, Head of Data, Falck


The future of intelligent automation

In this session, we will dive into UiPath's roadmap for the future and discuss the exciting concepts of infusing AI into RPA. Join us for an opportunity to learn about the future of automation and the role UiPath is playing in shaping it.

Jakob Okkels
Senior Sales Engineer, UiPath


Wrap-up and conclusions


Networking in the exhibition