Automation Summit Stockholm

The UiPath Automation Summit Stockholm agenda is designed for you to gain practical knowledge, inspiring insights, and have time for valuable networking.

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October 16, 2023


Registration, breakfast and exhibition



A warm welcome and launch of our Automation Summit agenda.

Paulina Modlitba

Maria Tennare
AVP Nordics, UiPath



Generative AI and automation: how the two go together

Bernhard Schaffrik
Principal Analyst, Forrester



Telia has automated large parts of its business. One of the challenges is to constantly measure the effects of automation, so that the value increases without the costs rushing away.
What are the key KPIs? How do you measure relevant ROI, and how do you communicate better with the business?

Nicklas Lindersson
Head of Intelligent Automation Group transformation, Telia


Break for coffee and exhibition


Ikano Bank

KPI – Keep People Involved! As Ikano Bank embraces the power of robotics, it also recognizes that data acts as the cornerstone of informed decision-making. KPIs, dashboards and visualizations.
We envision that this revolutionizes how we manage and optimize our automation processes, delivering data-driven insights at our fingertips for efficiency, transparency, and informed decision-making.

Akshay Gupta
Automation Delivery Lead, Ikano Bank

Claudia Schneider
Process Analyst, Automation Office, Ikano Bank



The single most important prerequisite to becoming Lean-Agile is automated tests. In this session we will discuss how PostNord adopted SAFe and started an agile transformation. Erik will share his experiences of building up a large portfolio of E2E test scenarios running in UiPath Test Suite.

Erik Kaare Andersen
Sr Test Architect, PostNord



Few organizations have the capabilities to truly scale Intelligent Automation and AI. The reason that many companies tend to fall short is often that they are running one-off pilot initiatives, disconnected from the overall strategy execution, limiting enterprise-wide impact.
Ericsson has successfully executed an AI-led Enterprise Transformation for several years and was recently named as one of the Leaders in the 2023 Gartner® Hyperautomation 100 Club™.
Rickard will talk about what it takes to get a X10 improvement in business outcomes and customer experience through Intelligent Automation & AI.

Rickard Wieselfors
VP, Head of Automation & AI, Ericsson


UiPath introduce the North Star Value Program

It provides an interactive means to model automation potential into a pragmatic value roadmap and execution plan, utilizing Industry-leading Benchmarks and KPIs.

Eugene Wyniawskyj
Senior Director, Strategic Engagements, UiPath


Lunch and exhibition



What is the the path from Automation to Digitalization? How to take the bigger scope.
Jesper Blomster will share how Scania takes on true process thinking with standardization and harmonizing to be able to scale digitalization across their business.

Jesper Blomster
Enterprise Architect, Scania


Swedish Pensions Agency

What is the key to increase the pace of digitization with the help of digital employees? At the Swedish Pensions Agency, momentum is created through decentralization.
Maria Kalmér explains how to actively implement new technologies, share responsibility, and scale up automation to the next level to meet the challenges of the future.

Maria Kalmér
Systemutvecklare, Pensionsmyndigheten



SAS will discuss their successful use of automation to manage the business challenges caused by COVID-19, the resulting increase in business value post-pandemic, and their perspective on automation and AI as drivers for the future.

Warren Edgren
Head of Artificial Intelligence, SAS


Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital)

Automation in the hospital setting – a story of increasing demands on healthcare, strategic goals for digitalization, and how automation will help us achieve better healthcare.
Presentation will include an exploration of focus areas for automation, progress after the first six months, as well as examples of how automation will help us increase healthcare availability and quality at lower costs.

Daniel Wänn
Director of Development and CTO/CIO, SöS


Coffee and exhibition



The new opportunities and power Generative AI has given Sweco to automate even more and realize more value from RPA, including a discussion of the challenges, ethics, using it responsibly and how the Sweco Ai & Automation CoE has organized to engage with business after the impact of Generative Ai.

David Hunter
Head of AI & Automation, Sweco


The future of intelligent automation

In this session, we will dive into UiPath's roadmap for the future and discuss the exciting concepts of infusing AI into RPA.
Join us for an opportunity to learn about the future of automation and the role UiPath is playing in shaping it.

Janne Sillanpää
Senior Principal Sales Engineer, UiPath


Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities of AI in Business

We will be discussing the challenges and opportunities of AI in business from an automation perspective.
How can AI lead to an increased productivity?
What are the challenges of implementing AI?
Are ethical guidelines necessary and need the business be transparent about their use of AI?

David Hunter
Head of AI & Automation, Sweco

Mandi Hallstensson
Verksamhetsutvecklare AI Pensionsmyndigheten

Girish Pai
Technology Portfolio Director, Ericsson

Nicklas Lindersson
Head of Intelligent Automation Group transformation, Telia



Alex Brain
Regional VP Sweden, UiPath


Drinks and mingle in the exhibition