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Automate Citrix. Data Entry Application



This sample automates an application via Citrix or Remote Desktop.


Steps to automate

  1. Open the expenseit application on another computer. You should be connected via Remote Desktop.
  2. Start Recorder -> Step By Step and "record" the following actions
  3. Click Image ["Create Expense Report"]
  4. Click Image ["Add Expense"]
  5. Click Image ["(Expense Type)"] in order to position the cursor on the new entry line
  6. Repeat following actions: Send Hotkey ["Ctrl+A"]  for selecting the text, Type the desired value, Type Tab for moving to the next cell
  7. For scraping the total value we add a Scrape Screen activity
  8. Click Image ["OK] and Click Image ["OK] to exit the edit mode.
  9. We add a string activity for parsing the result text (remove "Total Expenses ($)):" text.


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