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How to do UI automation with locked screen

UiPath offers the possibility of executing an artifact even if the computer screen is locked. When a computer is in Locked Screen the Windows operating system does not create the UI of the applications that are still running underneath.

If your artifacts were developed for background automation then you will have no problems executing them under a locked screen. If they include any activity that works with Synthesize Input, Native or OCR scraping, or images, then you will need to make some changes in the way your workflow starts.

UiPath 7.5 comes with an application called TaskLauncher that allows you to start UiLauncher.exe and the artifact needed within a new Windows session, auto-logging a user if necessary. When the Windows session gets locked, TaskLauncher will automatically unlock the session to ensure that your workflow continues executing without errors.

The app can be found in %ProgramFiles%/UiPath Studio/v7/UiPath. Keep in mind that TaskLauncher works only if it is opened by a user with Administrator rights or SYSTEM, and the Windows system in Vista or higher.