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Knowledge Base

How to send mouse click events and keyboard inputs to applications running inside Citrix

Using the OCR Method

Sending a mouse click event

1. Open the Macro Recorder from the Design tab by clicking the Record button.


2. Click Text > Mouse > Click

3. Click the target application. This will scrape the text of the selected application. 

4. In this example, I am trying to click the text field next to Email. So I will be adding "Email:" next to Text to be found. This allows UiPath to find the reference text.

5. Set the mouse position. Since the text field next to Email is being targeted, the mouse needs to be positioned next to it. Click on the Set mouse position link. 

6. This will take you back to the Citrix app. Click on the indicate link, then click on the Email Text box. 

7. You can test the click event by clicking the Test Click button. After this is done, you can click on Continue.

8. That's it. You now have created an activity that will click the text box next to "Email". Follow the same steps with other text boxes.


Sending Keyboard input

The keyboard activity always follows the mouse click event in Citrix windows.

Now that the cursor has been positioned in the "Email" text box, the next thing we will do is to send a keyboard input to it. 

1. With the UiPath Wizards still open, click on Element > Keyboard > Type

2. This will pull-up the text box dialogue where you can fill in your data. This time the example will be the typing in of an email address. 

Empty field. This clears out the existing text in the text field before inserting your own data.

Type Password. This hides the character you have typed in, in order to protect the data being typed, passwords especially.

Keyboard Input. Not only will you be able to type in your own data, the Keyboard Type Activity also allows you to enter keyboard commands like Tab, Return, Delete and even key combinations like Alt+Tab or Ctrl+F4

Each keyboard key will generate a special code. This code will be added automatically in the value field once the key is selected. 

3. Press Enter to process your keyboard input. 

4. Once you're done with the recording, click on the Save and Close button to go back to your Workflow.

5. That's it! This will generate the final Workflow for you.