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Synchronize Two Folders



This sample monitors the files from a "Source" folder if the files suffer a modification, the files from "Destination" folder will be updated.

Steps to automate

  1. First select the "Source" folder then select the "Destination" folder.
  2. Take all the files from each folder.
  3. Monitor the files from the "Source".
  4. If a file was modified, the old one from "Destination" must be deleted and copied from "Source".


  1. Select the folders and take all the files from each one using "For Each File In Folder" activity.
  2. Use "Monitor Events" with "File Change" activity as a trigger. This activity is looking for a modification brought to the files from the "Source" folder.
  3. When the "File Change" activity is triggered, replace the file from the "Destination" with the one from "Source" to keep up to date.