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Most Valuable Professionals Program

The UiPath MVP Program recognizes passionate RPA developers and contributors active in the UiPath Community Forum. You can meet the MVPs by joining the UiPath Forum.

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about UiPath Community Forum and the MVPs

What does it take to become an MVP?

  • add
    An MVP is a creator, contributor and a subject matter expert in the RPA field
  • thank you
    An MVP acts with leadership and generosity within the UiPath Community Forum
  • wellness
    An MVP explores innovative angles with UiPath products

The Powers of an MVP

MVPs are part of mentoring sessions and global events centered around automation. The MVPs share and develop their knowledge, and they always make sure to set their ideas in motion.

  • 30+ hours saved monthly

    They Inspire

    • MVPs are speakers at global UiPath events.
    • They are mentors for skilled peers and builders of strong talent networks.
    • They are collaborators with other MVPs, Leaders, and RPA Experts leading the dialogue on best practices and the future of automation.
  • Happier employees

    They Evolve

    • MVPs continue their development and nurture their skill set.
    • They coach new MVPs and grow the UiPath Community.
    • They share expertise through webinars, AMA sessions, university lectures, podcasts and automation trainings.
  • Zero mistakes, flawless execution

    They Improve

    • MVPs contribute to the development of the UiPath platform and Community through Go! and Project Space.
    • They enroll in exclusive Alpha/Beta programs for UiPath products and features.
    • They leverage their ideas and change the product roadmap.

Find out more about MVP Perks

Joining the UiPath MVP Program comes with lifetime recognition and exclusive perks. Our MVPs have access to dedicated resources to shape the Community and the future of automation.

MVP Connect

  • MVP lifetime membership
  • Free access to a global event on future trends in Tech and Innovation. Access, flight tickets and accommodation included.
  • UiPath Trusted Expertise Group huddle: meet UiPath’s core product teams, leadership, and trusted community members.

MVP Growth

  • Dedicated workshops for personal development, addressed to technical or non-technical skilled MVPs
  • Dedicated Personal Branding adviser and Community Connector
  • Access to thought leadership content

MVP Product

  • Free individual perpetual software license to our Product suite
  • Free certification
  • Early access to courses and trainings