13 December 2017

Everest Group Study Reveals New #RPA and Intelligent #Automation Insights

13 December 2017

Everest Group Study Reveals New #RPA and Intelligent #Automation Insights

A fresh report on Accelerated and Intelligent Automation by the Everest Group was released today and it looks into solutions that the RPA industry can take on to tackle the inherent challenges experienced by organizations from sectors of all types when investing in automation capabilities.


The analyst report addresses the lack of specialized skills, scaling up concerns and handling automation projects that take longer than expected. Among the most prominent solutions to mitigate the challenges, the report highlights the following:


1. To counter the scarcity of specialized RPA professionals, vendors have already implemented programmes that deliver intensive training on different levels of certification, like the world’s first open online training platform, UiPath RPA Academy.


2. Partnerships between RPA vendors and business, digital and technology solutions providers are already taking place at a fast pace. These allow RPA platforms to deliver industry-specific features or solutions that ensure both an accelerated automation take off and easily scaling it up. 


3. What's more, integrating RPA, AI and cognitive tools leads to expanding the scope of automation, enhancing RPA functions and improving the RPA usability. 


The Everest Group RPA Futures: Accelerated and Intelligent Automation report was made public today at the Automation Innovation Conference 2017 London event. 


Find out more about how your organization can make the most out of RPA implementations from the Everest Group report here.

by Gratiela Dumitrica

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