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Start instantly, scale infinitely with the UiPath Automation Cloud™
Everything you need from the cloud. Even the robots.

Everything you need from the cloud. Even the robots.

Automation Cloud instantly delivers the full UiPath Platform—including SaaS robots and self-hosted robots—in under a minute, from any of six regions around the world. And it's all browser-based, how else?

Meet your new SaaS robots
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Put your robots where the work is​

Get the power of flexible robot options from SaaS to on-prem, all managed and governed from the Automation Cloud via browser, Orchestrator mobile, or API.​

Enterprise-ready automation

Enterprise-ready automation that plugs right into what you have

Rich Microsoft Entra ID integration (AAD), Enterprise Credential Management, Automation Ops for governance, and IT Automation options drive down your TCO, risk, and time to ROI.

Now available and ready to serve: Automation Cloud™ Public Sector

From process discovery to process automation—all in one platform designed and certified for authorized U.S. Public Sector agencies and partners under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP moderate).

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control RPA while preserving the freedom to revolutionize your business.

Discover Trust and Security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations.

Explore Trust and Security

New and notable in Automation Cloud


Automation Cloud Robots

  • Automatically establish domain connections for your VM Automation Cloud Robots with your enterprise domain

  • Bring your own disk VM images to Automation Cloud Robot, for faster and seamless provisioning

  • Update your VMs and the software installed by UiPath on the base images of the VMs



  • Configuration wizard for unattended Robots streamlines the steps needed to get you up and running

  • Queue recording capabilities let you investigate failed processes more easily

  • Improvements to roles and permissions for better segmentation and reduced complexity for assigning user roles—when creating a new tenant


Platform management

  • HITRUST certification of our core products for healthcare

  • Manage your consumption licensing more easily with better information all in one place

  • Maintenance mode for machines reduces the time needed to prepare for maintenance windows and optimizes the system upkeep by preventing a machine from accepting new jobs.


Platform security

  • Disconnected credential proxy enables unattended robots to retrieve Windows credentials from a credential vault on the same network instead of using Orchestrator

  • IP range filtering limits the IP addresses that can access your organization and tenant(s) for additional security in organizations that have advanced security requirements

  • Customer-managed keys let you manage and hold the encryption keys that unlock your data


Insights and analytics

  • Cross-tenant dashboard reusability lets you copy, customize, and share organizational dashboards with other organization admins

  •  Build custom variable and ROI dashboards with data from across tenants—including the addition of a new organization-scoped ROI dataset and custom variables

  • Import/export ROI, custom variables, and integration dashboards (e.g. Automation Hub or Document Understanding dashboards) across environments


Development and low-code

  • Studio Web, the web-based automation canvas, enables you to build and test cross-platform automations across online business apps and services

  • Solutions Management lets you package, transport, deploy, and maintain your solutions across environments

  • Livestreaming, remote control, and video recording accelerate debugging of unattended automations

Easy to try, easy to buy

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Start instantly, scale infinitely with the UiPath Automation Cloud™

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Get your technical details from Automation Cloud documentation
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