Release Notes

UiPath v2016.1 "Spotlight"

Single versioning. Aligned releases.

Although it might appear we have skipped a few versions, we are actually moving to a single versioning scheme for our desktop and server products.

We're introducing a new versioning scheme which will follow the format YYYY.R where YYYY represents the year and R the release within that year. 

You can read it as the 1st release of 2016, codename "Spotlight".


UiPath Orchestrator

Major server release ‒ introducing UiPath Orchestrator

Orchestrator lets you automate the creation, monitoring and deployment of resources in your environment. 

We highly recommend you upgrade to this new version, here are some of the highlights:

  • Unified server solutions: one instance to support both Back-Office and Front-Office scenarios
  • Simplified installation by reducing dependencies on Microsoft SMA and Service Bus
  • Micro services architecture that provides isolation, high availability and scalability
  • Refreshed user experience with modern responsive web design
  • Greatly enhanced logging and reporting capabilities based on Elastic Search
  • Deployment capabilities for Back-Office Robots with built-in package manager
  • Faster remote execution for Back-Office Robots based on push notifications
  • Easy and flexible configuration for work item queues based on JSON
  • Improved real time monitoring and statistics


UiPath Studio

Incremental updates keeping backward compatibility and introducing a new Community Edition

UiPath Studio Community is free for individual developers, non-commercial projects, education and training purposes.

We recommend doing an in-place upgrade over the previous version, here are some of the improvements:

  • Improved activation wizard with better support for offline scenarios
  • Improved startup time and performance
  • Improved package manager
  • Improved error reporting with a user friendly error message and more details
  • Update notifications for new versions on either Stable or Beta channels




We have focused on improving performance and better memory management. We've addressed an important memory leak as well as stabilization and reliability.

Execution can be triggered remotely from the server or through an API.


Different log levels that help you both in developing and also in tracking the execution of robots. Add data to each log directly from the workflow. 

Exclude sensitive data from logging by marking activities private or by using keywords (e.g. passwords). 

Backup and recovery mechanism in case of server connection issues. 

UI Automation

Specialized support for SAP GUI automation.
Improved monitoring on keyboard or mouse with the option to monitor any event.
Image matching tolerant to scaling changes.
Anchor based automation - identify controls based on nearby fixed elements (e.g. a type into an input that has the label "password" before it).



Terminal Automation

Set of activities that integrate with various terminal emulation providers (Attachmate, BlueZone, IBM and others). Integrated recording to help you generate activities based on your actions. Easy to use and activities like: Get Text, Set Text Field, Wait Screen Text.

Word Automation 

New Word activities pack help automate documents and Word Application.

Excel Automation

Restructure activities separating the spreadsheet file based functionality from the Excel Application Scope.