Release Notes

UiPath v2016.1.5973

Release date: May 12th 2016

UiPath Studio


  • The activity that stops the workflow execution is now brought into focus, after you dismiss the error. 
  • The Platform activities pack is now automatically installed with Studio.
  • The V7 activities pack is no longer automatically installed with Studio. 
  • A retry mechanism has been implemented when communication between Platform activities and Orchestrator is lost for short periods of time. 


  • The Find Text Position activity did not work when only the selector was set. 
  • In some cases, an error was displayed when you opened a project. 
  • UI automation did not work properly with some Facets applications. 
  • The Type Into activity stopped working when the SendWindowMessages property was selected and you used Shift as a special key. 

UiPath Robot


  • Install UiPath Robot Service with Automatic (Delay) startup type. 
  • A UiPath icon is now displayed in the taskbar when the Robot is executing a process.
  • A process associated to a robot can now be manually downloaded from the UiRobot tray menu. 
  • A retry mechanism has been implemented when communication between the Robot and Orchestrator is lost for shorts periods of time.  

UiPath Orchestrator


  • A new page, Events, can now be accessed from the User menu and displays the history of all actions that affected the system. 
  • A new column, Environment, is now available in the Robots page that displays the environment associated (if any) to the robots.

  • The Process and Robot drop-down lists from the Logs page were replaced with a search box. 
  • We now support third party deployment feeds (MyGet). 
  • Support for ElasticSearch 2.x is now available. 
  • We implemented a new status, Abandoned, that applies to uncompleted transactions. 


  • Multiple processes were started if more than one schedule was defined on a robot.