Release Notes

UiPath v2016.1.6057

Release date: August 1st 2016

UiPath Studio


  • If you opened the Connect to Team Foundation Server window, the application stopped responding. 
  • UI automation did not work properly with Google Chrome. 

UiPath Robot


  • If the robot machine restarted, it did not always reconnect to Orchestrator. 


  • You can now change the connection type (RDP or console) and the resolution of the Robot for back office jobs from the UiPath.settings file (C:\ProgramData\UiPath). 

UiPath Orchestrator


  • It is now possible to add robots in more than one environment.
  • It is no longer possible to create multiple releases on the same process and the same robot. 
  • A process cannot be released on a robot that has another active release for the same procees. 


  • Monitoring service is now more stable. 
  • Multiple processes were started on the same robot. 
  • Clicking Stop on a running robot did not work correctly.