Release Notes

UiPath v2016.2.6274

Release date: 6th March 2017

New Features and Enhancements


  • To improve security, new rules have been established for password validation: they need to have at least 8 characters, and contain at least one letter and a digit.
  • Documentation for the UiPath Orchestrator API is now available.
  • It is now possible to export transactions from a selected queue and all log information to a .csv file. To support this, Export buttons have been added to the Transactions and Logs pages.
  • The Schedules page can be filtered according to the schedule states (Enabled, Disabled).
  • To prevent you from missing important information, Fatal and Error alerts now have to be marked as read.
  • To prevent password mistakes, a Confirm Password field has been added to the Provision User and Edit User windows.
  • The Stop After schedule functionality no longer makes use of seconds to determine the time at which to stop a job.
  • You can now also see the environment a process is associated with in the Jobs page, as an Environment column has been added.
  • Email alerts are now more organized and simple to read.
  • Sensitive information from the Settings page is now removed.
  • The loading time of the Jobs page has been improved.
  • To improve security, further protection against clickjacking has been added.
  • The generation time for all transaction reports has been improved.
  • Now you can specify the Robot type as FrontOffice when provisioning it. 


  • Support for multiple languages when reading and writing in your automation process has now been added to file and CSV (Read Text File, Write Text File, Append Line, Read CSV, Write CSV and Append to CSV) activities. To support this, a new property, Encoding, has been added and enables you to input the character encoding of your choice, as a string.

Breaking Changes


  • The "/" is replaced with "--" in command line switch arguments, and with "-" in command line value arguments used for Robots. Use UiRobot.exe --help to view all available arguments. 

Bug Fixes


  • Filtered columns in the Transactions page were not displayed properly, in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Previously, credential assets were not validated for empty values or only spaces. 
  • A schedule on a specific Robot was still triggered, even if you deleted the Robot or removed its access from the assigned process.
  • In some cases, daily email alerts were not sent.
  • The Alerts page failed if you clicked the Details button for transactions that were deleted. Now, a friendly error message is displayed, and the page no longer fails.
  • In some cases, it was possible to create and update schedules for deleted packages.


Note: For High-Density Robots to work, set the LoginToConsole parameter to false, in the UiPath.settings file from the %ProgramData%\UiPath folder, for each Robot.

  • If authentication was enabled on v2016.1 Orchestrator, v2016.2 Robots could not access credential assets, using the Get Credential activity. 
  • In rare cases, when terminating a job, an error was displayed, stating: “Stop with missing executor.”
  • Scheduled jobs sometimes failed on a Robot with the following error: “Robot already running for user.” This happened only when multiple schedules were set to start on the same Robot at the same time.
  • In rare cases, jobs executed on a High-Density environment with multiple Robots could not read the configuration file and failed.


  • An error was displayed if you opened UiPath Studio using a .xaml file.This only occurred if Studio was in Trial mode and you were using a Windows 7 machine.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a workflow designer memory leak.
  • Samples or snippets could not be opened from the Library panel if you used the context menu.


  • The Find Image activity reported incorrect bounds, depending on the value set for the Accuracy property.
  • The Microsoft OCR engine, when used with any OCR activity, returned the wrong screen coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Abbyy OCR and Abbyy Cloud OCR activities to throw a runtime error.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak when using the Indicate on Screen functionality and with image activities.
  • The Click Text activity did not take into account the value specified in the TimeoutMS property.
  • The Chrome extension did not throw an error when it could not find an element.