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UiPath Attended Automation Summit

Learn how humans and robots working together drives business impact at scale in this virtual event.

The key to unlocking the full potential of automation is people and software robots working together.

In this can’t-miss virtual event, you’ll see how working with automation improves the day-to-day lives of your workforce, while increasing your bottom line. You’ll also learn practical steps for putting automation in the hands of your employees to start achieving benefits fast.

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of employees are willing to use automation in the future1


of employees are comfortable with automation1

By collaborating with robots, employees expect:1


More time for critical tasks/value adding tasks


Learning a new skill (personal development)


Learning a new skill (professional development)


More time for leisure/personal time


Brandon Nott

Brandon Nott

SVP of Product, UiPath
Partha Baral

Partha Baral

Head of Digital CoE, HP

Why employees want and need automation—and how that benefits you

Duration: 30 min

A lot of manual work happens in the day-to-day life of your employees, making them less productive and less engaged. Automation removes the drudgery from employees’ work, letting them focus on tasks that make them happier and help grow your business. Join this session to discover how HP enables their employees to work with digital assistants and how you can make this a reality at your organization.

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Industry sessions:
How your employees can work with robots

Duration: 30 min

Join us following the keynote for a breakout session of your choice, featuring specific examples of how working with automation can help your people get work done faster and more accurately, tailored for your industry. Hear about attended automation in banking and finance, healthcare and insurance, and manufacturing—or join our panel session with speakers from PwC and Takeda.

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“How-to” workshops:
Giving your employees access to automation

Duration: 30 min

The last step in unlocking capacity at scale through automation is enabling your workers to use it. Join us for one of two workshop sessions designed to help you put employee automation initiatives into action:


“Overcoming Automation Blockers” with Bain & Company

Duration: 30 min

Brandon Nott
SVP of Product, UiPath
Anup Juneja
Expert Associate Partner, Bain & Company
Gustaf Ericson
Senior Manager, Bain & Company

“Design an Engaging Automation Experience for Every Employee” with UiPath product experts

Duration: 30 min

Peter Cook
Peter Cook
Director, Product Management, UiPath
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen
Senior Product Manager, UiPath

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