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The Fusion of RPA and Cognitive,
A Conversation with Professor Mary Lacity


Photo of Param Kahlon

Param Kahlon

Chief Product Officer, UiPath

Photo of Mary Lacity

Mary Lacity

Professor, Walton College of Business

It's no secret that companies are quick to shift their position towards digital transformation and the digitization of their business processes. In light of this, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays a major role in the future plans of any organization and should be thoroughly implemented, as it can help reduce the risks of process execution, while reaping substantial operational benefits at scale, speed and breadth. 

Join professor Mary Lacity (Walton College of Business) and Param Khalon (Chief Product Officer, UiPath) for an extensive talk on risk mitigation and why RPA is the driving force behind the future of work.

Webinar highlights:

  • Critical success factors for any RPA initiative.
  • Commercial scale automation.
  • The adoption of RPA in today’s business environment.