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UiPath Explorer Webinar:
Plan to Maximize Your Automation Potential


Photo of Christian Berg

Christian Berg

Director, Product Management and Machine Learning, UiPath

Photo of Teresa Wu

Teresa Wu

Director, Product Marketing, Enabling Technologies, UiPath

The UiPath Platform now helps you plan the best business processes to automate with the combination of data-driven products powered by AI and crowd sourced suggestions from your employees. 

In this webinar we look at planning with a specific focus on process discovery. This is a crucial stage of the RPA journey for any enterprise, yet when completed manually it can also be expensive, anecdotal, and inefficient. 

Watch this webinar for a deep dive into UiPath process discovery solution: a new set of products that uses the power of AI to streamline process discovery and help you scientifically determine the best opportunities for automation, thereby maximizing the ROI of your automation implementation.  


During this webinar you will:  

  • Learn how the UiPath platform helps you plan and manage the entire automation lifecycle;
  • Go deep about the UiPath Task Mining and Process Mining products (formerly Explorer product family);
  • Understand how Automation Hub (formerly Connect Enterprise) work together  with other UiPath process discovery tools;
  • Find out how to prioritize automation ideas with the help of Artificial Intelligence;
  • Discover how to get the highest ROI from the RPA implementation.


Don’t miss this chance to hear from UiPath RPA and AI experts on how to supercharge your automation strategy with science. Watch the webinar today!


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