Automation Trends 2023: What’s New, What’s Next,
and the Path to Real Value

Automation is changing, and fast. Are you 2023-ready?

See How

You know automation means more value for your organization. But to unlock its full potential, you must continually keep up in an ever-evolving landscape of technologies and strategies.

As an industry leader, UiPath has unique perspective on how people are thinking about automation—from customers and partners, to industry analysts, to our experienced team. Every year, we use this insight to reveal what the future holds—and what you need to be doing today.

In What‘s New, What’s Next, and the Path to Real Value, we offer 7 key automation trends for 2023 and beyond. From AI to low-code to upskilling, consider it your cheat sheet for automation, so can keep your business—and bottom line—on the right track.