A Robot for Every Worker: Are We Ready for a People-First Automation Mindset?

  • Discover practical thoughts on a robot for every worker— and why it matters

  • Get insights from 8 leading corporations on how to create a sophisticated, stable RPA program across a large enterprise

  • Learn the five stages to developing and implementing a people-first robotic process automation (RPA) process

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A people-first process helps organizations realize the full value of RPA programs while elevating employee satisfaction and boosting the overall effectiveness of automation. The concept of a robot for every worker enables every worker to use, create, and benefit from automation–to improve their job satisfaction and happiness as a means of maximizing the return on impact of RPA investments.

When you download this white paper, you’ll discover practical strategies for implementing a robot for every worker in a way that drives value. You’ll also learn how eight leading corporations combine process-first and people-first journeys to create a continuous feedback loop that addresses the biggest work challenges of our time.

In this new IDC study, nearly 4 out of 5 executives polled said that the primary benefits of RPA are to:

  1. Reduce errors or mistakes – reducing time rework

  2. Improve speed of response and process flexibility

  3. Allow employees to make better and more consistent decisions

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