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The robots coming to our rescue – how work changed forever in 2020

See how automation has helped businesses overcome one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in a generation

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History is littered with turning points. Moments in time that have changed the path of our existence. In the last 100 years alone, we’ve seen everything from the great depression to the financial crash.

Now we continue to face the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a huge catalyst for change. What would have taken months, years and decades to change is being rethought in minutes, hours and days. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the adoption of automation.

Why? Because it’s one of the few ways we can deal with the pressures of the new world in which we live. This is why the robots are coming to rescue us. It’s also why organisations will continue to adopt and accelerate automation once the global health crisis comes to an end.

The robots we’ve continued to use through COVID-19 have helped us maintain processes that would have fallen apart otherwise. We would have missed SLAs and let customers down. Robots have helped us avoid that – and customer satisfaction has actually gone up. In the robot world, everything continues.”

—Javier Castellanos Calabres Head of Robot Factory Orange Spain

In this in-depth report, our customers speak about how they’ve used software robots to get through a period of uncertainty and challenge. They offer real-life examples of just how crucial it was and how others can follow suit.

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