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Agrosuper issues commuter passes for 12,000 employees

COVID-19 Challenge

Essential workers commuting safely during quarentine is difficult

Agrosuper is a food company dedicated to “always doing things better.” During the quarantine, the company needed to keep essential employees working to maintaining a critical food supply. However, ensuring safe and free transit to help 12,000 employee commute to the company's production plants and offices wasn't easy.


An attended robot has been implemented to take a report of current workers from SAP SuccessFactors, classify them, and enter the information in the government website to obtain passes for around 12,000 workers. The robot then emails the passes to the workers and their bosses the passes.

This task that would have taken six people several days to complete it. But it was run with a robot in just five hours, freeing up the employees time to focus on more important tasks.