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Accelerating recruitment of volunteers and health retirees

COVID-19 Challenge

A recruitment process involves a lot of manual work

Nearly 50,000 volunteers signed up to support national efforts to help manage the COVID-19 crisis. These volunteers responded to the government's call for help from retired health professionals.

Manual scanning of their applications requires resources and is at risk to become a bottleneck.

Prescreening (e.g., credentials, criminal records) is a crucial part of the enrollment process and onboarding must happen quickly. Fast response is imperative in such a crisis.


Software robots have been created to help with the heavy HR lift.

They are being used to run the screening and background check process, to upload application data into the HR system, and to tell departments and 3rd parties that the person is ready to be onboarded. Those departments then start providing security passes, training supplies, etc.

The robots are also being used to assign volunteers to different jobs and even provide a daily report to Crisis Units for oversight.