Academy Release Notes

April 2017 Academy Release Notes

We launched the RPA Developer Foundation training, which is the first dedicated online educational module for beginner users who are keen on learning the fundamentals of automation using UiPath. The training contains 13 lessons: Introduction to UiPath; Variables, Data Types & Control Flow; Data Manipulation; Recording; Advanced UI Interaction; Selectors; Image and Text Automation; Advanced Citrix Automation; Excel & Data Tables; PDF; and E-mail Automation. Every lesson contains video tutorials, additional documentation, recap slides, practical exercises and walkthroughs, as well as quizzes. The users who finish this self-led course receive an RPA Developer Foundation Diploma acknowledging that the first level of the training has been completed successfully.

Upon further consideration, we decided that the capabilities of RPA and the benefits that come with it cannot be fully inferred from a simple introductory training. As a result, we also added a course about the specific procedures required when automating the SAP ERP system. The training contains a video tutorial, practical exercises rounded off by walkthroughs to fortify the learner’s comprehension, and a practical quiz.