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UiPath Academy enables companies to accelerate adoption of Robotic Process Automation by upskilling their professionals. We aim to reinvent the way people work by democratizing RPA learning and helping deliver ‘a robot for every person’.

Build a strong RPA foundation

Discover the basics of RPA, get an overview of the UiPath Platform, and build your first software robot—all in less than four hours.


Develop job-specific skills

Whether you're an RPA developer or a business analyst, you can get the training you need for specific job roles within a company's Center of Excellence (CoE).


Start automating today

UiPath Academy is supporting businesses by enabling every employee to use, create, and benefit from automation. Join the citizen-led automation movement with our free learning plans for business users. 


Master the UiPath Platform with our free courses

Course Cover Studio
39 hours

RPA Developer Foundation

Your automation design canvas

Course Cover StudioX
2.5 hours

Get Started with StudioX

Where citizen developers can build automations

Course Cover Orchestrator
4 hours

Orchestrator for Developers

Manage, monitor, and optimize your digital workforce

Course Cover Document Understanding
5 hours

Document Understanding Overview

Exact info from documents, images, etc.

Course Cover AI Fabric
2.5 hours

AI Center Overview

Manage and deploy Machine Learning models in automated processes

Course Cover Test Suite
2.5 hours

Test Suite

Test your robots and applications

Course Cover Automation Hub
2 hours

Automation Hub

Crowdsource and manage your automation pipeline

Course Cover Task Capture
2 hours

Task Capture

Document a workflow with ease

What our students have to say


“My experience with UiPath Academy has been great! I began with the Starter course and slowly moved into the Foundation course and the Advanced courses. Academy helped me pursue and quickly grab the essential aspects of UiPath and RPA within a short time. Since the day I stepped into the Academy, every day contributed to changing my life entirely and becoming who I am today.”

Lahiru Fernando UiPath MVP, Country Director (Sri Lanka)/ RPA Lead (Asia Pacific)

“UiPath Academy has been an integral part of my career for the last 3 years. When I began my RPA journey, I was not aware of where to get started as it was a new technology for me. One of my friends recommended taking RPA Foundation training on UiPath Academy which proved to be a turning point in my professional life.”

Pratik Gupta Senior Software Engineer, EY

"We have almost 150 Associates trained using the UiPath Academy. We have fully migrated all of our future training to use the UiPath Academy, and the Academy plays very heavily in our plan to get 100% of our currently working UiPath Developers fully certified this year. Moreover, we are researching how we might be able to contribute some of our additional training (like Fractals) onto the UiPath Academy."

Shaun Dawson AVP, Global Leader of IPA Center of Excellence, Cognizant

“Academy opened up a new path to develop...a new way to do things. I see Academy as the passport to a better job, to a better life.”

Florent Salendres Independent RPA Consultant

"Academy has provided a great opportunity to increase the capability of RPA across the organization, and a rapid increase in business users doing development."

Juliana Vergara Ramirez Suncorp / Business Analyst, Robotics Platform
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