Legal and compliance process automation


Legal and compliance automation reduces risk and improves employee experience.

Free up time for more strategic lawyering, business development, and better client experiences


reduction in processing time


hours saved in 6 months


error rate on compliance programs

Refocus on the matters that matter most with legal document automation

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Increase productivity from the same legal team headcount

Increase productivity from the same legal team headcount

Deliver higher levels of compliance

Deliver higher levels of compliance

Save Time with AI-supported contract review and extraction processes

Save time with AI-supported contract review and extraction processes

Increase speed of delivery with automated data entry

Increase speed of delivery with automated data entry

Reduce duplication of work with legal document and workflow automation


Stay current with compliance regulation changes via freed-up time and automated notifications.


Improve staff’s e-discovery capabilities with AI+RPA data extraction from multiple sources​.


Save time with AI supported contract review and extraction processes—and reduce errors that come from manual data entry


Improve accuracy in processing legal documents and increase productivity with automatic data management.


Optimize workflow and contract optimization through digitalization (managing unstructured data).


Simplify matter management and give your attorneys time back to best apply their legal expertise.

Automate your legal departmentend-to-end


Data extraction

AI-powered software robots can read and understand documents and emulate aspects of human decision-making—expanding the range of legal and compliance automation use cases.


Optimize contract management through digitalization

Our robots use UiPath Document Understanding to handle documents like PDFs, scans, websites, and more. They can also emulate human keystrokes and clicks.


Apply AI everywhere it matters

AI Center gives robots the skills they need to do things like performing e-discovery and regulation research.


Experience human-robot compliance collaboration

Attended robots can streamline and simplify many of the most common legal processes—and loop in their human counterparts when there’s a decision or specific action required.


Keep your data safe​

Our technology encrypts data in transit and at rest, and UiPath robots don’t store it. Plus, you’ll always have a full audit trail.


Automate your legal department with trust

Security, privacy, and compliance are the foundation of the UiPath Platform.

Use legal and compliance automation pre-builds to automate processes faster

Check out the UiPath Marketplace for a look at the pre-built automations and connectors that are ready to help you make a difference today.

Give lawyers and legal staffmore quality time.

We’ll show you how.