UiPath x Greenlight On-demand Webinar:
Modernizing Customer Experience with RPA


Photo of Sean Hinton

Sean Hinton

Regional Vice President at UiPath

Photo of Shameiz Hemani

Shameiz Hemani

President at Greenlight Consulting

Photo of Drago Farsang

Drago Farsang

VP, Information Technology at Pfaff

Companies all around the world are reexamining the way they do business in order to adapt to a new market reality.

To accelerate growth and operational efficiency, deliver exceptional customer experience, and improve employee happiness; organizations need to embrace digital transformation.


Pfaff Automotive Partners is a Canadian company founded in 1964 by Hans Pfaff out of a desire to provide the best customer service experience in the industry. This small, family-run dealership in Newmarket, Ontario has grown into a most highly regarded automotive brand known throughout Canada today.

Join Greenlight Consulting, UiPath, and Pfaff Auto in an engaging discussion around what it means to 'put the customer first' and how a digital model can help do just that.

You will hear about the following:

  • Why RPA alone is not enough to drive change
  • Pfaff's digital transformation, for the love of the road and best-in-class CX
  • Picking the right partner is like picking the right car


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