On Demand Webinar: The Best Practice on Scaling Intelligent Automation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry.

Episode 16 - On-demand


Photo of Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly

Chief Information Technology Officer @ATCC

Photo of Dev Singh

Dev Singh

Founder and CEO @AiRo Digital Labs

Photo of Jason Warrelmann

Jason Warrelmann

Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences @ UiPath & your host!

During the webcast series, you will gain insight into how our end-to-end automation platform can drive efficiency, compliance, and faster access to data resulting in better customer care, improved processes, and less employee burnout.


Episode 16:

Join AiRo Digital Labs and American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as they guide us through their implementations of intelligent automation for enterprise wide Digital 2.0 Adoption.


AiRo Digital Labs is a boutique healthcare, pharma, and life sciences automation firm focused on digital convergence with enterprise systems. Together with UiPath they bring about a necessary Digital Disruption, ensuring what a transformation truly entails for healthcare organizations, delivering value by radically using technology, people and processes to enhance patient outcome and business performance.



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