Work Ahead Webinar Series: UiPath 20.4 – Built for Hyperautomation

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will there be any webinar(s) coming forward explaining specific products like Document Understanding, Process Mining, etc?

A: Yes, please register for our 2020 Fast Track Release Series to learn more about our new products including Task Mining, Process Mining, Document Understanding, Test Suite, StudioX, and Studio Pro.

Task Capture, Task Mining, and Process Mining

Q: What's the difference between Process Mining, Task Mining, and Task Capture?

A: All products are on the discovery stage and help you identify automation ideas, but they have different use cases and approaches to process discovery:

  • Employee-driven: Task Capture empowers subject matter experts to document and share the processes they're doing on the daily basis to present them as the potential automations. It helps capture all the details of each step, annotate the screenshots and share the in-depth expertise.
  • Centrally-managed: Process Mining will use back-end data from your business applications (like ERP and CRM) and present a detailed “x-ray" of your end-to-end processes. At the same time, Task Mining will help you get the front-end overview of these processes by capturing employee tasks on a background and use AI analysis to find out the best automation ideas.

Q: Where can I request a demo of Task Mining/Process Mining/Task Capture and learn more about the use cases?

A: Please, reach out to your regional sales representative or leave your message here at

Q: Is there a Community edition of Task Mining/Process Mining/Task Capture?

A: Task Capture is available in Community Edition here:
To try Process Mining and Task Mining, please, contact your regional sales team or leave your message here at

Q: Are there any training materials available for Task Mining/Process Mining/Task Capture?

A: Yes, there are a number of courses and dedicated webinars on these products available on Academy:

Studio Pro

Q: Is Studio Pro available in community edition?

A: Yes, you can download Studio Pro in the Community Edition.

Q: Are there any academy resources available for Studio Pro?

A: At this time we have 3 webinars/ demos available on the Test Suite, but our team is working at bringing more content within the next few months, so please check back on Academy to see what is new.

Document Understanding

Q: How can I try out Document Understanding?

A: You can learn more about the product and subscribe for Automation Cloud enterprise trial on the Document Understanding page. This trial grants the customer 1,000 pages to be consumed within 60 days. Overall, Document Understanding is a separate product with consumption-based licensing which also includes access to AI Fabric for ML model training.

Q: When Document Understanding becomes generally available? Is it also available for On-Premises?

A: Document Understanding is generally available with both – Cloud and On-Premises, and the latter means customers’ physical or virtual server. Some capabilities like ML model training via AI Fabric are currently in Limited Availability and will enter General Availability with the 20.10 LTS Release.

Q: Is there a training available for Document Understanding?

A: The Academy course will be published in June. For now, you can watch our demo videos on how to configure Document Understanding – Part 1 and Part 2. For more details, please go to documentation on the Document Understanding framework & extractors and ML model training via AI Fabric.

AI Fabric

Q: Is there a trial version for AI Fabric?

A: Yes. AI Fabric is included both in the Enterprise Server trial for on-premises and the UiPath Automation Cloud for enterprise.

Q: What are typical automation use cases using ML models?

A: Incorporating machine learning models in your workflows, you can automate a lot of complex processes that involve unstructured data, have high variability, or are probabilistic in nature. Some examples include email classification, inventory prediction, fraud detection, high-risk pregnancy prediction, and document classification and processing.


Q: Is UiPath Assistant available in the community edition?

A: Yes, UiPath Assistant is included in the UiPath Community edition.

Q: Is there a limit on how many unattended robots you can run at same time using UiPath Assistant?

A: UiPath Assistant is designed to work with attended automation only.

Q: Does Picture-in-Picture (PiP) leverage Windows Virtual Desktop functionalities?

A: The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature makes use of the standard remote desktop capability included in Windows.

Q: Will scheduling be available in UiPath Assistant at any point? Actual scheduling not just the reminder

A: UiPath Assistant is intended for attended automation, which means the user needs to be at their computer and work together with the Robot. As for scheduling, Orchestrator will be still the best tool for it since it enables to fully manage both Attended and Unattended robots.


Q: What are the requirements to deploy Insights?

A: Insights is currently an on-premise solution and requires UiPath Orchestrator. To learn more, please visit the Insights’ documentation page.

Q: Does Insights require a separate license?

A: Insights is licensed as an addon to Orchestrator.

Q: Can dashboards be shared with users who do not have access to Orchestrator?

A: With Insights, you can easily share reports via email or as images so the dashboards and widgets can be easily viewed across your company.

Q: Can Insights send notifications?

A: Yes, using the Pulse feature within Insights, you can get notified when, for example, Utilization hits a specified threshold.

Q: Can users create custom dashboards, with custom KPIs?

A: Absolutely! The ROI dashboard comes out of the box and is fully customizable to the KPIs you define. Insights’ dashboard library also includes Robots, Queues, Processes and Licensing.


Q: Is the new native integration service provided by UiPath or other developers on a marketplace?

A: The term "native integration" refers to API-based integrations built and supported by UiPath directly. UiPath native integrations are often built in collaboration with technology providers.

Case studies

Q: Can you share any type of implementations that UiPath has in risk management/service area?

A: There are public examples available at