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6σ, Lean and RPA




Bogdan Florea March 16, 2017

6σ, Lean and RPA
6σ, Lean and RPA - An open conversation with Guy Kirkwood - UiPath, Darryl Neff - Generali and Dean Smith - formerly Zurich

Companies are currently experiencing the shock waves of automation moving at high speed to disrupt businesses, energizing them to rework some of their priorities and in turn, to future-proof themselves. For insurance organizations, the appetite for RPA is particularly whetted by the challenge to cut the Gordian Knot of having to balance heavy regulations and compliance requirements with the need for aggressive cost reductions and efficiency gains while also preserving or enhancing customer and stakeholder experience.


This paper is the result of the SSON’s World Series webinar where two RPA implementation experts from leading insurance companies chat to UiPath’s COO Guy Kirkwood to tell the lively story of how they’ve been able to use Robotic Process Automation as an enabler of digital transformation.

Recounting their hands-on experience are Darryl Neff, head of process for Generali Link in Ireland and Generali’s Lean Six Sigma master black belt, and Dean Smith who has just completed his role as global head of shared services & solutions within Zurich’s finance operations division.



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