UiPath 2023 Automation Generation Report

Understanding the workers thriving with AI-powered automation

As companies continue to navigate disruption and economic uncertainty, they are seeking solutions to stay competitive with leaner teams. Unfortunately, this often means employees are being asked to do more work with less support—causing widespread burnout felt across industries, functions, and demographics.

To combat feelings of burnout, we’re seeing heightened employee interest in emerging technologies that enable them to get the job done faster and better. Case in point: OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which surpassed 100 million users only two months after launching.

AI tools like ChatGPT empower people to find information faster, and AI-powered business automation technology is already in the workplace, helping business and technical workers to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on more critical and gratifying work.

As a result, a new generation of workers is here: the Automation Generation.

The Automation Generation does not represent a specific age or demographic. Rather, it is the professionals embracing AI to be more collaborative, creative, and productive. They want these technologies to enrich their work and personal lives and prevent them from feeling like robots themselves.

Key findings:

  • AI-powered automation is seen as a solution to enhance job satisfaction: 58% of respondents believe the technology can address burnout and improve job fulfillment

  • 44% of global employees say they want to contribute to the creation of AI-powered automations in their workplace

  • 57% report that they view employers that use AI-powered automation to help support employees and modernize operations more favorably than those that do not

  • In the current job market, employees are being asked to do more work with less support: more than one in four global respondents (28%) say they’ve been asked to take on more tasks in the past six months because of layoffs or hiring freezes

  • 29% of workers around the world report being negatively affected by burnout

In the UiPath Automation Generation report, we uncover the issues the Automation Generation is facing and how they’re using AI-powered automation to address those challenges, based on a survey of more than 6,400 workers from around the world.

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