Everest Group: Process Mining Playbook

  • Overcome limitations of manual process improvement techniques in your transformational journey

  • Rely on data to help your organization be resilient, competitive, and digital-first

  • Scale your automation program with data-driven strategic decisions

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Running business in a digital-first world requires enterprises to be resilient, progressive, and evolve ahead of growing customer expectations. Technological transformation is necessary to ensure business continuity and prosperity over time.

Process mining enables organizations to take a digital-first approach. Regardless of the automation journey stage, your enterprise can start implementing process mining today, to stop the guess-game and start making technology-based strategic decisions.

In this playbook Everest Group discovers different solutions and best practices of process mining to support enterprises in their transition from legacy to a digital-first organization.

“The Process Mining Playbook aims to empower enterprises at various stages of their process automation and transformation journeys with insights, methodologies, and practical advice to achieve best-in-class outcomes from process mining.”

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