Everest Group assesses Process Mining technology vendors on the basis of their market impact and vision and capability, or the ability to deliver products successfully. UiPath is honored to be recognized as a Process Mining Leader in the Technology Vendor Landscape, according to Everest Group's first-ever PEAK Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors.

UiPath Process Mining Leader in Everest Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix Report for 2020

For business owners, Process Mining can enhance a company’s long-term, stable growth by improving operational efficiency and customer experience, while reducing tasks. Process Mining unlocks data-driven insights and unveils automation opportunity. For businesses, it gives a holistic overview of company processes. It provides transparency, a focus on impact, and self-evolves.

At UiPath, we are putting automation at the core, providing the only platform for the hyperautomation era that combines Process Mining with RPA and Automation to achieve smart process discovery, speed RPA implementation and deployment times, and to improve overall business performance.

“We assessed UiPath Process Mining and found it to be a leader in this field with features such as multi-level process mining, organization-level relationship mining, as well as process conformance features, including KPI-based process monitoring and the ability to perform gap and root-cause analysis.” Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Everest Group

This Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors 2020 is the inaugural yearly industry assessment providing analysis and insights on process mining vendors and products to assist enterprises in their selection processes. Register now to receive an exclusive custom version report on the process mining market landscape and UiPath capabilities.

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