State of the Automation Professional Report 2023

Annual UiPath Community industry report that offers insights into what drives job satisfaction in the automation space.

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For four years in a row, we have taken the pulse of automation professionals. This year we have expanded the research universe to include all automation professionals.

This report showcases global representation, the background, tech stacks, level of satisfaction, learning resources, UiPath Community participation, UiPath product expertise, and more.

We also introduced a section about AI to understand perceptions, and openness to integrate it into their working activities.

This report is based on a global survey of 1,639 automation professionals and students. Respondents were recruited primarily through channels owned by UiPath. The data collection was fielded in March through May 2023.

Are you a hiring manager or a center of excellence (CoE) leader?

Dive into the data to find out what automation professionals are experiencing in the working environment, how easy they find transitioning into this role, and insights on AI.

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Thank you all for being part of this extensive research. We support automation journeys through community events and hackathons hosted by the most valuable professionals (MVPs) and top contributors in the UiPath Community. Join us here!  


Corina Gheonea, Director of Marketing Community  

Oana Chicioroaga, Community Content Manager

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