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From Document-Driven Processes to Data-Driven Healthcare with AI & Automation

Javed Ali, UiPath

Javed Ali

lisa weber uipath healthcare automation

Lisa Weber

Suresh Kumar - Exponent Health

D.S. Suresh Kumar

Automation has transformed the healthcare industry, replacing manual processes with intelligent and automated workflows. At our 2023 AI Summit, experts gathered to share real-world use cases, the importance of AI, and best practices for implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and AI in healthcare. 

During this session you’ll learn how: 

  • Document processing, AI, and RPA are being used to streamline both the payer and provider sides of revenue cycle management (RCM) 

  • Automation and AI can help free up resources and enable employees to focus on more valuable tasks 

  • The UiPath Business Automation Platform can facilitate easy integration with existing processes and systems 

Watch this webinar to find out how implementing AI-powered automation can benefit your organization by improving efficiency and accuracy. 

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