Webinar: Augmenting Your Workforce in
Insurance with Hyperautomation


Photo of Sathya Sethu

Sathya Sethu

Insurance Subject Matter Expert, UiPath

Photo of Josh Knipp

Josh Knipp

Insurance Partner, PwC

Photo of Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

AVP of Customer Experience, Encova


We are living in a digital era where the automation of more tasks is possible. The COVID crisis has only accelerated this transformation for many companies. The first wave of automation often involved simple / repetitive tasks. Now we’re seeing that the insurers who mastered automation 1.0 are expanding to end-to-end automation, leveraging leading-edge hyperautomation capabilities such as Digital Assistants, which can be deployed to every employee.

In this webinar we'll answer the following questions: 

  • Why is automation more often about augmenting your human workforce rather than reducing headcount?

  • How can you help employees embrace the opportunities that come from automating the mundane aspects of their jobs?

  • How are Insurers expanding on early successes to scale automation?

  • Why hyperautomation, and why now?

  • How can you leverage UiPath’s leading-edge capabilities to augment your human workforce with a digital one?



  • Jeff Martin, AVP of Customer Experience at Encova

  • Josh Knipp, Insurance Partner at PwC

  • Sathya Sethu, Insurance Subject Matter Expert at UiPath


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