Webinar: Augmenting Your Workforce in Insurance with Hyperautomation


Jeff Martin


Josh Knipp


Sathya Sethu

We are living in a digital era where the automation of more tasks is possible. The COVID crisis has only accelerated this transformation for many companies. The first wave of automation often involved simple / repetitive tasks. Now we’re seeing that the insurers who mastered automation 1.0 are expanding to end-to-end automation, leveraging leading-edge hyperautomation capabilities such as Digital Assistants, which can be deployed to every employee.

In this webinar we'll answer the following questions:

  • Why is automation more often about augmenting your human workforce rather than reducing headcount?

  • How can you help employees embrace the opportunities that come from automating the mundane aspects of their jobs?

  • How are Insurers expanding on early successes to scale automation?

  • Why hyperautomation, and why now?

  • How can you leverage UiPath’s leading-edge capabilities to augment your human workforce with a digital one?


  • Jeff Martin, AVP of Customer Experience at Encova

  • Josh Knipp, Insurance Partner at PwC

  • Sathya Sethu, Insurance Subject Matter Expert at UiPath

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