2024 Automation and
AI Trends Webinar​

Bobby Patrick

Bobby Patrick

Ted Sheldon

Ted Shelton

AI and automation will bring out the very best in each other in 2024. Join our free webinar to learn what’s hot and what’s happening—and the best ways to take full advantage of the opportunities.​

Our co-presenters, UiPath Chief Marketing Officer Bobby Patrick, and Bain & Company Partner Ted Shelton, will help you rise above the hype and zero in on the essentials for winning in an AI-rich world.​

7 trends. 30 minutes.​ Limitless possibilities.​

Learn the big trends that are gaining momentum and shaping the market—plus strategic perspectives and practical advice for spurring AI-based growth, innovation, and value for your organization through 2024 and beyond.

The perfect companion to the 2024 Trends e-book​.

This webinar brings the 2024 Trends e-book to life with real-life examples drawn from our hosts’ experiences working with leading-edge automation + AI companies. There’s even a bonus trend or two! 

2024 is the year when AI—catalyzed by automation—starts to deliver real value. Are you ready to capture it?

AI and automation’s capabilities—and benefits—will grow every day of 2024. See what’s coming—and how you can fire up AI-fueled innovation and growth across your business.​

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