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Crossing the Chasm from Pilot to Full Scale RPA Deployment


Photo of Vargha Moayed

Vargha Moayed

Chief Strategy Officer, UiPath

Perspective is key for enterprises who want to leverage RPA and push forward into the digital age. In this sense, a plan that fits all the right business angles requires a clear understanding of the differences between the automation life cycles, so that the implemented solution is a highly scalable and sustainable choice for the future.


Register on-demand and join Vargha Moayed, Chief Strategy Officer at UiPath, for an extensive webinar that presents the do’s and don’ts of RPA deployment, from start to finish.


Webinar highlights:

  • The main phases of an RPA program.
  • 10 most common pitfalls to avoid for a successful RPA roll-out.
  • RPA roll-out preparation.

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