Webinar: UiPath Process Mining: Understanding the Value of Scientific Process Analysis

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Frederik de Hosson


Staffan Johansson

Process mining is a scientific way of getting a holistic picture of a process and identifying its inefficiencies.

In traditional business process management, process analysis is conducted through workshops and interviews. Based on the process experts' knowledge, the research often results in an idealized picture of a process. Process mining uses data existing in corporate information systems to display a real process graph.

Process mining brings crucial input to your robotic process automation (RPA) projects. Before starting to automate, it's important to optimize a process for higher efficiency. With process mining insights you can strategically plan the automation program and measure its return on investment (ROI) to continuously improve business performance.

In this webinar UiPath Process Mining experts will guide you through the basics of process mining:

  • Why process mining is important for a digitally transforming business

  • How UiPath Process Mining transforms the data into comprehensive process graph

  • Demo of UiPath Process Mining and the use of analytical dashboards.

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