Webinar: Forrester Research Featured on the Impact of the Current Global Crisis and Automation


Photo of Leslie Joseph

Leslie Joseph

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Photo of Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson

Senior Vice President of Sales, UiPath

Photo of Thomas Chin

Thomas Chin

Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific, UiPath

Photo of Manish Bharti

Manish Bharti

President, India & SAARC, UiPath

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change all over the world in every facet of human lives. Notably, it has changed the way we work.

Automation has been a driver of change in organizations long before the pandemic, but now it has become a boardroom imperative with a new urgency: business risk and resiliency. Our guest speaker from Forrester Research has evaluated how companies see automation in the context of risk mitigation and strategic investment as part of their recovery process.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How COVID-19 changed the way companies operate, and get takeaways from previous global shocks to watch for, such as jobless recoveries and spikes in automation
  • The right recovery plan for building a resilient business post-pandemic and why it's imperative to build adaptiveness with automation into your business model
  • How to navigate the impact of the current crisis on the global workforce, and prepare employees for automation  
  • Insights from UiPath leaders on how the pandemic has already reshaped the way we work across regions and how automation will help business scale post-COVID-19



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