How RPA Drives Business Value in a Global Crisis

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Chet Chambers

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Bobby Patrick

Urgent cost pressures, volume spikes and backlogs, strained resources, and an imperative need to protect revenue and optimize expense - these are some of the issues that a global pandemic creates.

Businesses today are seeking immediate action to respond to COVID-19 impact on their operations. Once this global crisis stabilizes, executives all over the world will be looking to bring their revenue machines up as fast as possible, while also reshaping their businesses for long-term resiliency. Automation plays a central role in both.

Watch this webinar to hear how companies are using robotic process automation (RPA) to address the issues that the global pandemic has created by:

  • Reskilling and upskilling employees

  • Building resilience and agility in supply chains and customer experience

  • Supporting a dynamic new work environment

  • Enabling enterprise-wide automation

Plus, learn how to estimate the value that RPA can bring to your company now so you can address your business issues head on and set your organization up for the new normal.

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