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UiPath Apps Webinar:
Engage Humans-in-the-Loop to Scale Your Automations


Photo of Palak Kadakia

Palak Kadakia

VP, Product Management, UiPath

Photo of Diego Lomanto

Diego Lomanto

VP, Product Marketing, UiPath

RPA has automated millions of mundane, repetitive tasks for companies and organizations around the world, but now it’s time to bring humans and robots together to automate larger, more complex processes.  

In this webinar we take a deep dive into UiPath Apps: a new capability that allows real-time human interaction with unattended robots, empowering users to manage approvals and exceptions while the robot continues its work.


Watch this webinar to find out: 

  • How humans and robots can seamlessly collaborate to scale your automations; 
  • How to automate a wider range of processes with long-running workflows;  
  • How to get better returns from your existing RPA initiatives and gain visibility across the business silos. 


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