UiPath Insights Webinar: Measure the Impact of Your Automation Strategy

Michelle Yurovsky

Michelle Yurovsky


Cameron Mehin

In the ‘automation first’ era, the success of robotic process automation (RPA) measurements involve more than operational KPIs. To demonstrate its true value, RPA needs to show its impact on the business.

Watch this webinar with UiPath analytics experts for an exclusive view of UiPath Insights that provides powerful, embedded analytics to help you measure, report, and align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why proper RPA analytics is the key to scaling your automation strategy

  • How to determine the top KPIs and metrics to show that your automation strategy is making a difference, from the process owner to the C-Suite

  • Best practices for demonstrating the impact of RPA beyond the Robotic Operation Center (ROC) and across the organization.

Don't miss the chance to learn about this exciting feature, the UiPath analytics vision, and roadmap.  Watch the webinar recording today!

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