PeerPaper™ Report 2024

5 Ways UiPath Test Suite can improve your testing

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Software testing often comes with many challenges. Constant changes, time constraints, and a lack of resources are just some of the common obstacles that testing teams face. Fortunately, many of these issues can be solved with automation.  

In this paper, UiPath Test Suite users share their experiences and use cases of streamlining testing and quality assurance (QA) processes through test automation. Relying on automation, testers reveal how they can bring more value faster, save time and costs, and streamline processes for more effective change management through the power of UiPath Test Suite.  

Get the paper now to explore the benefits UiPath Test Suite users have unlocked through test automation, including: 

  • Reducing total cost of ownership by 30% 

  • Engaging in more seamless testing with faster reporting 

  • Reducing the time needed for handling tasks  

  • Strengthening team productivity