Automating for End-to-End Claims Processing

How design thinking combined with automation technology push insurers to evolve

  • Learn what it takes to boost claims efficiency and revenue growth with RPA

  • Discover why insurance companies should aim for end-to-end claims processing

  • Take advantage of  UiPath insurance industry automation expertise

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Automation is essential to the insurance industry’s digital transformation success. No-touch, straight-through claims processing is currently the biggest automation opportunity for insurance. With well-planned, comprehensive claims processing, insurance leaders can craft custom experiences and drive business growth with operational efficiency.

This paper draws on insurance industry veteran perspective to highlight the importance of combining strategic automation with strategic planning. We take you through the criteria needed to successfully run end-to-end claims processing. Further, we show you how to design the claimant journey with empathy while achieving radical automation.

While it’s only natural for insurers to start their automation journey by picking the burning issues to start with, often these quick wins don’t fit into the larger strategy.

Download the white paper for a comprehensive breakdown of the growing importance of design thinking to plan insurance automation initiatives that scale across the enterprise and drive growth through operational efficiencies.

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